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CR LiftEd IEP Software

CR LiftEd™ is an evidence-based, cloud software built for teachers, paraprofessionals, BCBAs, Behavior Interventionists, therapists, and Special Education administrators collaboratively working to measurably improve teaching and learning outcomes for students with Autism and IDD.

A purpose-built solution for Special Education

Empower Educators
& Save Time

The equation is simple: Data plus passion equals student success. With CR LiftEd, your team can deliver just that while saving time with our efficient and intuitive platform.

Increase Visibility, Accountability, and Compliance

Data and tracking all in one place – increasing the continuity of teaching methods, IEP goals, and more for your team.

Accelerate Progress & Improve Outcomes

Align student assessment findings by assigning, aligning, and customizing IEP goals. CR LiftEd’s cohesive, data-driven workflows improve student outcomes.

A classroom solution built with you in mind and student success at its core

CR LiftEd eliminates the need for paper data collection, hand and spreadsheet graphs, and multiple disparate systems to collect, manage, and report progress. CR LiftEd can be used to track progress across IEPs, BIPs, or other goals, integrated from other systems. Real-time data can be tracked on related therapy service sessions, directly on IEP/BIP goal progress, individualized academic skill acquisition lessons, task analysis programs, behavior observations, and much more, all in one digital platform.

Empower educators with the skills and tools to implement ABA-based individualized instruction and behavior interventions, learned through video models and PD coaching in-app. Teachers, BCBAs, and Therapists can access individual student, class, or caseload-wide progress insights online to make data-driven decisions or provide guidance to ensure high-quality therapy delivery fidelity. No more waiting for data sheets to be turned in or weekly data review meetings. Try our award-winning IEP software.

Allows for real-time continuous measurement of what happens before, during, or after a behavior, from right within the student’s profile. Collect data, design IEP goals associated with the ABC data collected and monitor progress on targeted behaviors.

CR LiftEd’s instructional strategies with built-in mastery protocols give educators the means to deliver data-driven instruction or intervention. With real-time insight into student responses, teachers can make faster on-the-spot decisions to help students master learning objectives with the most appropriate level of support to foster independence.

Collect, Manage, and Report real-time progress data towards student IEPs or BIP goals, to ensure compliance with federal IDEA requirements. CR LiftEd simplifies progress transparency across multi-disciplinary educational teams, provides real-time special education program oversight for BCBAs and administrators, and makes it easy to ensure compliance requirements are being met.

CR LiftEd’s technology is built on the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), proven to significantly improve outcomes for learners with Autism & IDD. CR LiftEd has a free library of ABA-based curricula that are directly aligned with CR Assessments. Simply assign to the student, align it with IEP goals, and customize as needed for that student. This feature is designed to be teacher-led, digitally delivered to comprehensively support the needs of learners across all grade levels and inclusive of assessment findings across all skill domains.

CR LiftEd helps to foster collaborative data collection and progress monitoring across multi-disciplinary IEP teams of teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, assistants, and BCBAs. The team can collect, view, and report real-time therapy and skill data to monitor goal progress. All data is fully annotated and immediately available for visual analysis. Integrated reporting tools make understanding student progress easy with one click.

Integrate with your Student Information and IEP systems and automatically pull in student demographic data and goals, with automated nightly syncs. School administrators can also utilize self-serve bulk import templates to get set up on their own.

We prioritize the privacy and security of student data and comply with state and federal regulations, including FERPA, ensuring that your sensitive information is always protected. Our platform is designed with multiple layers of security, including state-of-the-art encryption techniques, strict access controls, and regular audits and assessments to ensure that we are continuously meeting regulatory requirements. Learn more on our Privacy Page.

2023 Stevie Award Gold - American Business

Award Winning Special Education Solutions

CentralReach received a gold award and People's Choice award for its data collection and IEP management solution, CR LiftEd.

Plans and Pricing

We offer easy paths to implement CR LiftEd at your school or across your district.

School-Level Implementation

$10 student / month

Billed Annually1 at $120 per student

Minimum of 10 students required.

Implementation and fidelity services required, and charged separately.

District-Level Implementation

Special Pricing

Based on student enrollment, staff size, and implementation model

Inquire for details

Included Features

Data Setup & Implementation
IEP Goal & Objective Tracking
Therapy Session Tracking
Automated IEP System Integrations2
Tier 2/3 Behavior data collection (Frequency, Duration, ABC, Interval)
ABA-Based Skill Program data collection (DTT, Task Analysis, Group Therapy sessions)
Automated progress graphs & PDF reports
Session planning tools
IEP team collaboration tools
Pre-built library of ABLLS-R/AFLS Assessment-aligned ABA Programs
Custom Org level ABA Curriculum Library, with program import or program quick create multi-user access
Self-Serve rostering and bulk import
School/District Admin Dashboard & Reporting
Implementation & Support/Fidelity package options, billed separately
Customer Support
  1. Annual adoption required

  2. IEP System Integration is currently available for school partners utilizing Frontline Education in the state of NJ. Looking for a specific IEP System integration? Reach out to our CR LiftEd Team to discuss possible options.

Proudly serving educators, schools, and districts

"CR LiftEd has been a great data collection tool for all of my academic subjects, Community-Based Instruction, and behaviors. I am able to assess my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and progress accordingly. It is user-friendly and the staff support is amazing! I LOVE using this program!"

Lore Lorenzo

Middle School Special Ed Teacher

"CR LiftEd has been a game changer in how I collect data! I have been working with CR LiftEd since its beta testing stage, and it’s been amazing to watch how the CR LiftEd team has grown the program into what it is today. They are a very supportive team and are always there to answer any questions that I have. They also seek out feedback from their users and will use that information when making updates."

Melissa Andreacio

District ABA

"With less time spent on data collection and analysis, more time can be spent on delivering direct instruction and increasing the number of learning opportunities our students receive. Going forward, we’ll continue scaling CR LiftEd into other settings (inclusions, resource rooms, etc.) to support academic and behavioral data!"

Deborah Huffman

Special Education Director

"The use of CR LiftEd has been such a helpful addition to our ABA classrooms. It has allowed us (me, my paraprofessional staff, and BCBAs) to collect data more efficiently, implement more necessary teaching procedures based on analysis of our graphs, make on-the-spot decisions, and allow more time for professional development and training of our paraprofessional staff. I save countless hours every week using CR LiftEd."

Emily Alston

District ABA

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Frequently asked questions

CR LiftEd can be used on desktop or tablet devices.

CR LiftEd is sold at the school or district level, for a minimum of 10 students. For more details, please speak with your account manager.

There is not a direct integration between the two products. The findings from CR Assessments directly align with the template library available in CR LiftEd, to simply assign and align the goal to a student, and add it to an IEP.

Any staff member with a CR LiftEd login, including all classroom teachers, teaching assistants/paraprofessionals/RBTs, BCBA/Behaviorists, related service providers (e.g., speech or occupational therapists), case managers, school psychologists, and Special Education leaders (e.g., SpEd Directors, Supervisors, etc.)

Not at this time. CR LiftEd is currently only available for purchase at school-level or district-level. Please see our pricing for more information.

Yes. We can pro-rate billing accordingly.

Annual starting 12 months after the contract start date, including usage during the extended school year (for public schools/districts).

See our Fidelity & Implementation page for details..

Yes we do – ask your account manager for more details. We offer a menu of options for your school or district to support your PD needs.

We can launch school and district contracts in as little as 1-3 weeks from date of purchase.

CR LiftEd serves public schools & districts, charter, private and alternative standalone schools in the US & EU.

CR LiftEd offers comprehensive protections to ensure data is stored safely and used appropriately. Learn more on our Privacy Page.

Choosing CentralReach's Special Education Solutions means student data is protected and secure. CR Assessments, CR LiftEd, and avail by CentralReach are FERPA & HIPAA compliant. Learn more about Security at CentralReach.