The only patented personal teaching software for students with autism and IDD

With purpose-built and patented technology, Unlock Potential for individuals with autism and IDD across all settings - at home, school, work, and in their communities.


Evidence-based interventions and advanced technology provide easy to follow, individualized prompts.

Increase Confidence

Replace invasive, one-on-one prompting with industry-leading digital support. Provide individuals with access to supports, repeated practice, and accessibility in all environments.

Customize Support

With individualized, digital task analytic support, measurably improve outcomes and increase independence in all environments. Access over 100 pre-created tasks and templates ready to use or customize.

Expand Staff Capacity

Reduce the need for one-on-one support with avail® by CentralReach. Individualize supports on the avail platform, then empower your learners with the supports they need to succeed.

Smart Reporting

Powerful reporting and analytics increase visibility into learner progress, providing support staff and teams with a direct lens on how to better support each individual.

Individualized Support. Anytime. Anywhere.

Empower students in school, employees in the workforce, and all individuals at home and in the community with avail by CentralReach.

Life-changing Results with Digital Instruction - Featuring Colorado VR Experts

Colorado Vocational Rehabilitation experts share their experience serving individuals with cognitive disabilities who have implemented and achieved independence using task-based technology with daily living.

Outcomes & Success Stories

0%increase in independence
0+users at home, school
and in the workplace
0+lesson completions
0+education lessons

Skills avail by CentralReach users are achieving

Interview skills
Specific workplace duties
Simple recipes
Cleaning a home
Grocery shopping
Making lunch
Making bed
Appropriate dress
Safety in the community
Taking a bus
Dealing with bad news
Making friends

Our Partners

Farmington Municipal Schools

"Using avail this way has taken the time it takes me to do weekly timecards from about 1 hour down to about 15 minutes."

Chelsea Chairion

Instructor & Program Manager, Farmington Municipal Schools
The Arc

"avail doesn’t exist to serve any one person, but fulfills multiple roles over the lifespan."

Donovan Alexander

Case Management Analyst, The Arc Fresno/Madera Counties
Jackson Family Human Services

"avail is straightforward and flexible; it does more than support an individual with autism, it has equipped our staff to properly and confidently help our clients meet their developmental goals."

Harry Jackson

CEO of Jackson Family Human Services

Frequently asked questions

avail® by CentralReach is compatible with most apple, android, mac, and windows devices. Click here to see a list of our supported browsers and devices.

Download the App (Must Be Using Phone/Tablet)
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avail® by CentralReach offers an end-to-end solution in all settings where support teams can collaborate to best support each learner. avail® by CentralReach offers a Library of over 100+ pre-created tasks and templates that can be used ‘as is’ or customized for each learner and at any time. There is no limit to how many support staff accounts, tasks, or steps within tasks can be created.

avail® by CentralReach is HIPAA compliant and offers permission-based roles to organize access based on need.

Support staff can schedule tasks for learners to receive a notification when it’s time to complete a task and avail® by CentralReach offers email notifications for support staff to better support learners.

Choosing CentralReach's Special Education Solutions means student data is protected and secure. CR Assessments, CR LiftEd, and avail by CentralReach are FERPA & HIPAA compliant. Learn more about Security at CentralReach.


Achieve better outcomes and support independence

Speak to a product expert to find out how avail® by CentralReach can
enhance your services and support your learners on a path to autonomy.